Steel Buildings

Parry Sound Steel is working alongside a trusted steel building manufacturer. Our steel buildings are designed and delivered in easy-to-assemble kits for applications such as self-storage, warehousing, industrial, workshops and many more uses.

Made in Canada, our steel building solutions are made-to-order, designed and engineered for our local building codes.

Other accessories we can provide upon request include: Insulation, Interior Finish, Walk Doors, Windows, BiFold Hangar Doors, Overhead Doors, Insulated Metal Panels, and Gutters/Downspouts.

Standard workshop package sizes (*limited colour choices available for select packages):

  • 24′ Width x 30′ Depth
  • 24′ Width x 40′ Depth
  • 24′ Width x 50′ Depth






Canadian Made


White Sand QC 3403

Antique Linen QC 3696

Slate Blue QC 8260

Bone White QC 8273

Gold QC 8276

Royal Blue QC 8790

Polar White QC 1800

Tan QC 8315

Heron Blue QC 330

White White QC 8317

Metro Brown QC 8228

Turquoise QC 8258

Regent Grey QC 8730

Black Coffee QC 8326

Green QC 8329

Stone Grey QC 8305

Dark Red QC 8250

Melcher’s Green QC 8307

Charcoal QC 8306

Black QC 8262

Colours may not appear exactly as shown above and may vary slightly.

Our 4-Step Process


After we’ve uncovered your needs, we’ll send you drawings and a quote for consideration. Every steel building is produced with the highest-quality steel, offering long-lasting value and protection.


We know that every project is different. That’s why each building is engineered specific to the size, location and function that you specify. We’ll go over everything from delivery load sizes to local building authorities, making sure your building is able to go up without a problem.


Our steel buildings come to you ready for erection. We ensure all parts are pre-fabricated to your exact specifications, making the building process as simple and hassle-free as possible.


Once your building is purchased, the next step is preparing to receive the shipment. At this point you can begin making sure your job site is prepared and ready to be home to a brand new building!