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Exposed Fastener – Tough Rib / Americana / Optimum Rib

Exposed fastener metal roofing is defined as a roofing system where the panels are fastened to the structure through the face of the metal and directly into the roof deck or framing below. The panel edges lap one another, and the fastener goes through both layers of metal.


Offering a clean finish to any roof, the Snap-Lok roofing panel offers a concealed fastener roof system. It is incredibly tough and is the most durable of any roofing sheet, offering the longest life. Offered in 26 gauge and 24 gauge, choose from 12” and 16” widths and 16 standard colours. For the discerning eye, ask us about exotic colours.

Steel Shingle – Wakefield Bridge / Bayview

Interlocking steel shingles are the second most popular type of residential roofing system, only after standing seam roofs. These shingles are highly durable and backed by a 50-Year Manufacturer Warranty. These low-profile shingles are less expensive to install than cedar or natural slate shingles but offer the same great finish.

Paint System Kynar 500®

Fluoropolymer/PVDF coatings are widely considered the industry’s best performing paint system offering best protection against fade and chalk. Under the trade name Kynar 500®. The PVDF component, or Polyvinalidene fluoride, must be 70% of the total resin content to be classified as Kynar 500®. The performance of this paint system completely justifies the extra costs associated.

Kynar 500 Paint System


EDCO steel roofing has a Class 4 Impact Rating is built to last a lifetime. It comes with an unmatched fade warranty and is also backed by a non-prorated limited lifetime warranty.

EDCO Infiniti roofing ensures a lifetime of consistent appearance and texture, using its proprietary thermal fusing process to affix particles in the panel.


  • Vented Soffit / Facia
  • Snow Brakes / Snow Stops
  • Chimney Guard
  • Duchsne Steel & Vinyl





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